Initiatives and Programs

Freedom Tour - The Freedom Tour is an education and travel experience that serves as a means to get youth and adults alike from inner city NY to learn the true history of their country and the role their ancestors played in not only building it physically through forced labor, “aka” slavery, but also how they designed many cities and structures that folks marvel over today.

What we do: Travel

- we visit one (1) City per month Educate

- we learn some history of the City that we are in Inspire

- we believe it is the truth that shall set you free and by opening the minds of youth and adults regarding their greatness and ability to persevere and innovate, we are setting them a little freer with each encounter Eat Vegan Food

- on each of our stops, we enjoy vegan food from a local chef or restaurant


Category - Education, History & Travel  


Queensbridge Sacred Garden  - The Queensbridge Sacred Garden Project is an essential piece to the revitalization of the Queensbridge Community. It is meant to be a Sacred Healing Space for Queensbridge residents to reflect on and honor those lost to homicide from the community.  


Category - Environment, Gardening & Health (emotional, mental & physical)  


Star Quality Youth Talent & Modeling Agency - The Star Quality Youth Talent & Modeling Agency is designed to give youth and young adults a platform to cultivate their talents and beauty in a way that promotes individualism while also encouraging teamwork. We will also work to find exposure and income generating opportunities for participants that want to take their beauty, greatness and talents further.  


Category - Creative Expression, Modeling & Talent  


Community Building Fridays - Community Building Fridays is geared to enhance the quality of life in the Queensbridge Community. This initiative is a partnership between Transform America, The Astoria Mutual Aid Network, The Justice For All Coalition and Frontline Foods Queens. Many other groups and individuals show up week to week to help out.                        


 Category - Community Building and Engagement

The "Healthier Hood" - The Healthier Hood initiative was inspired by investor, music producer and community builder Miles "Hollyhood" Casso's personal ambition to attain optimal health. This initiative is a double entendre, as it not only celebrates and highlights Miles' personal efforts and accomplishments, it's geared to bring information regarding all aspects of health to the various "Hoods" of America and then to find practical ways to implement the aforementioned information. 


We focus on the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health of individuals and communities at large. We have no set way. We share what we have learned, whether through personal account or through filtered information, and work to make it relatable so that anyone may be involved.


Join us on the path to achieve a "Healthier Hood".

 Category - Community Building and Engagement